Got out saturday and rode again with Jordan and Jason.   Good times were to be had.     Not much time to write today, so im gonna stick to the pics!

I do have a quick story about the last picture.   If look closely you can see my bomb  hole from my landing when I jumped off that little ridge.   I hit it twice before, and my 3rd run into it I hit it with a bit more speed and ended up running over a buried dead long right as I left the jump.   I didn’t hit it bad, but just enough to mess with my body position and to unintentionally throw my body a bit more foward than I wanted which in turn lifted my feet about 8″ off the running boards.   So here I am in the air, more forward (just about over the bars) then I want to be, with my feet off the boards.  The only thing I had on my sled was my two hands on the handlebars.   As I landed the sled hit first (obviously), followed by my feet slamming back onto the boards then my upper body took the hit as I was to far forward.  Luckily I was able to ride away no issues at all, but it was a close one and could went bad quick.    Im thinking the Zbroz shocks helped me save that one.

And to end it all here is a pic of my wood pile at the cabin.   Its not even Xmas yet and im already digging it out.   Looking forward to a what it looks like come march!