This will be another quick writeup today as I dont have much time to write.   Rode with Jordan yesterday in NOCO.   To be honest the snow was dissapointing,  probably 3ft in 90% of the areas around 11k feet.  Although we did find a few good pockets.    Was snowing most the day we were up there and as I am writing this a day later I see that it looks like 2 additonal feet or so fell overnight.

Had a good chance to compare the 2016 Doo 154 T-3 to a 2016 Axys 155 3″.    Bottom line is the Axys can get through deep snow better than the Doo.   Climbed a hill (2ft of fresh on it) today where if we both took fresh lines up it, the Axys could shoot over the top where I would get close to the top but have to turn out.  Axys is stock and Jordan weighs probably 30 lbs less than me, I have a SLP can on mine.  So all in all pretty fair weight wise I would say.    A quick note, my T-3 is not setup for prime hill climbing, as I lengthened the limiter one hole.   Having said that I got a fair amount of time on the Axys and it is pretty easy to feel it does a better job of getting on top the snow than the Doo.    Also worth noting once we attacked a hill a bit and knocked down all the fresh, the Doo and Axys become more evenly matched.     We both were pulling anywhere from low 30 mph track speeds when carving on flat ground with deep snow.   Both pulling Mid 30’s mph track speeds climbing up snow covered hills, and about 40mph track speed going up our old tracks.   The Axys just seems to be more efficient in deep snow.

Here are the pics!   Have a Merry Xmas!

And as we headed back out, man was it dumping!