How is everybody doing!?   Its been a while since Ive been able to post because ive been away and riding!  A good problem to have I suppose.

First lets talk about the snow conditions over the past few weeks.   They’ve been good!  We blessed with alot of snow the week before Xmas and in december in general leading to a pretty good early season base in many areas throughout the West.   Ive been riding the Snowies in Wyoming alot and would say they have a good 4-6ft base up high (10k ft+) and a 3-4ft base between 9-10k ft.    Lots of track to be found in the snowies but poke through woods a bit and you will find yourself engulfed in acres of untouched areas.  Here is a lake I found while out exploring.

Was a bit of a not so ordinary week for me, as I had the week off of work and some family/friends came to my cabin in the snowies to ride with me.   It was my friend Cam’s first time off trail riding a snowmobile, and while it was rough going at first.  He ended up catching on quick as seen here.


The first day of the trip we came across a little exposed cliff that was primed to drop.  I took first hit at it.

Ive dropped this cliff probably 5 or 6 times previously, so I am used to it and it does not intimidate me much.

After our group played around the area a bit more, my dad decided to give the drop a go.   My only advice to him was “do not nose dive”.

He slowly lined his sled up to the drop, creeped over the edge and gave it a go!

Only to be found 20ft from where he landed looking like this

Sure enough he dropped in a bit nose heavy.  Once he and his sled hit the ground all we saw was a big cloud of white followed by a loud audible “UUUGGGHHHH” noise.   Luckily he and sled turned out to be perfectly fine.  The things he does to make us laugh…

The next day we got into some new terrain I have never been in.   The amount of small lakes spread throughout the snowies is amazing.  We were able to find a few tucked away in the woods with great snow on top.


On the last day we brought our boards and skis with us on the sleds and did our best to get a few quick turns in before they had to go home.

Im still relatively new to backcountry skiing, but I think its something im really going to enjoy and get into as time goes on.  For me its quite a bit more challenging than snow machining and I really enjoy the challenge and doing new things.

Finally, I made my way to Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend to do a bit of skiing.

Sure is hard to find any good views there 🙂