This past weekend two friends (Dan and Nick) and I decided to head to the Michigan Upper Peninsula and…

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Nope that was last weekend from the Snowies, this was what we found this weekend:
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We stayed at a house Nick owns up there in Mass City, Mi. As we approach Watersmeet Friday night on highway 26 coming from Wisconsin it was easy to see the snow on the ground go from 8″ or so before Watersmeet to over 20″ in Mass city. This got us pretty excited Friday night to go for a trail ride over to Ontonagon and back, the trails were great and smooth the whole ride there and back. The trails had a loose layer on top and very pretty firm under, no ice scratchers need and hookup was great even with my mountain sled. Dan brought up both his sleds for the trip and since we were trail riding at night he rode his restored 2001 Yamaha SRX 700 vs the 15 XM 154.

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Saturday we decided to check out some new spots in Twin Lakes and were off trail most of the Day. We made it to the area I wanted to check out and found some nice untouched riding areas in the woods that turned out to be pretty fun.

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The snow was set up with maybe 4-6″ of loose snow on top of crusty and sugar mix layers. Which made for some good stucks but also gave you enough traction to ski pull right out or shake out with some throttle.

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Dan also found a log on Saturday and took out his lower left arm on his XM, he hit the log just perfect. We don’t have too many trips to the U.P where everybody sled is fine at the end.


Overall it was a good weekend, lots of people were up there and the trails were a mess on Saturday but with how much they groom they were great again on Sunday but getting slushy from it warming up. The U.P has a good base now but really needs some consistent LES to help freshen up the trails and off-trail.
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