After a day of trail riding over to Rendezvous Lodge in Ryans Park for lunch with my fiance on saturday.  I woke up Sunday morning to a bit of new snowfall and plans to go get a bit of backcountry skiing in before heading home for the weekend.  I loaded up the skis on the sled and headed on out.

Plan was to park around Lake Marie and thats exactly what I did.

From there I booted up the hill and in about 45 minutes time I was at on top of the hill bout to looking down at my first ever pow line with the skis.

Skied back down the hill towards my sled and man was it fun.  I can see why skiers chase pow just as much as sledders do, no other feeling quite like it.

From there I ripped a few other meadows on the sled before heading back as there was about a foot of fresh that fell over night.   Had to cash in a bit more on the snow.


From there I decided to take another way back to my cabin, ended up doing a bit of exploring and finding another route to use, so it turned out to be a pretty damn couple hours out skiing and sledding!   Views for days on the way back….   till next time…