What a day Jordan Marrou and myself had out in the Colorado Backcountry this past Saturday.   Every so often in a season of riding you have a few days that will stick out in your mind.  This I think will be one of those days.   Blue skis, perfect temps, great snow quality, awesome new terrain and an equally skilled riding partner is what made this day so great for me.     So lets get to it!

As previously mentioned it was just two of us out for the ride today, Jordan Marrou from weknowsnow.com and myself.   We rolled up to the parking alot, unloaded the sleds, put on our gear and got to it.   Here is a shot from the parking area…


Plan for the day was to ride a small area were we have been before but never been able to explore it mid-season when there is a solid base of snow on the ground.

After the ~7 mile or so road ride in we started gaining elevation and getting into the goods…    Clear skies made for some great pictures.

We were running into some killer terrain with beautiful backdrops.

We kept climbing higher and higher, I saw a safe climb up to the top of the ridge we were riding below so I went for it and made it to the top.

While the scene in the picture may look calm and peaceful, it was anything but calm at the ridge top.  A constant 50mph was blowing and in the time it took me to take this picture I took my glove off for 30 seconds in which my hand went painfully numb.   I quickly dropped back down a couple hundred feet to get out of the wind.


From there things started to get fun and technical.   I saw what looked to be an old logging road running along side the mountain, a road which we have never been down so we decided to follow it.  Turns out the road was only a 100 yards long or so, but we saw some openings in the hillside so we pushed on a bit farther past the end of the road.   Terrain got intense pretty quick.  We both pulled out some fancy riding moves and headed on back the way we came except we didn’t make it far.   We both ended up getting stuck fairly quickly  on the side of the mountain.

We got unstuck and went down the mountain a little ways to a small flat spot we thought we could turn around on and shoot back up the hill.

It was at this point we realized we were in a bad spot.   The turn around point was smaller than we expected so we were not able to get any speed built up to climb the hill we just descended.  We did our best to try to make a packed path up the hill to get traction on as we climbed.  After ~30 mins of path stomping and turning our sleds around Jordan went for it first, he made it about 50 ft up the hill and got stuck.   We both started getting a little nervous as we knew it could possibly take us a few hours to get back up to the top of the hill.  And to continue descending the hill in an unknown area was not an option for us.

I lined my sled up and went next only make it about 20ft up the hill before I had to turn out or get stuck.

During the time we were turning our sleds around by hand at our small turn around point, I was eyeing up a few potential lines through the trees.  Lines that were tough, but figured with some good riding it would maybe be possible to boondock my way back up to the top of the hill.  We decided against these lines as they took us in the opposite direction we needed to go, and we did not want to end up further away from where we came from and end up being stuck in a worse place.

Well after only making it 20ft up the hill on my attempt to climb up and out,  I said screw it and went for the tree lines I was eyeing up previously.    Long story longer, I ended up pulling one of the best lines of my life and made it back to the top.  Shortly after Jordan did the same.  Unfortunately we didn’t take any pics during this ordeal as we were to busy worried about getting out vs taking pictures.  However in the POV video attached to this blog, some of the clips where taken in this area, however none of our “best” riding moments where captured.

Back to the pics…
So I make it back up the hill first and here is the view im looking at waiting for Jordan.


After we both get out we keeping riding around and are just enjoying the great views we had all day


From there we tree ride a bit more and make our way higher and higher up on the mountain.  We find a feature to hit with a killer background so we take advantage and snap quite a few pics.  Also if you look closely you can see our tracks in the tree’d background in a few of these pics. (easiest on the above pic)


At this point we were getting tired and started heading back down the mountain.  Found a few meadows on the way down and layed some turns in them.

Here is a little slow-mo clip of Jordan in the meadow.

From there we called it a day and headed on back to the truck.   What a day it was, turned out to be the most fun ive had on the sled yet this year.  Here is a little helmet cam video edit I put together with some clips from the ride. (Watch the video on youtube to get the highest quality)


I am looking at a 3-day riding weekend this upcoming weekend in the Snowies with Luke Korzeniewski, Dan Hribar, and Adam Lepine.  Looking forward to it.   Expect a blog update on our adventures in about a weeks time!

Till Then…