Another weekend full of riding here at SledSmoke is in the books.   Had a solid 2.5 days of riding in Southeastern Wyoming and all we have to show for it is a bunch of smiles, a few good stories and the pics you see below.   With little to no new snow in the past week or 2, snow conditions were far from ideal.  But with a few “can do” attitudes we went out and had a blast.

Adam Lepine, Luke Korzeniewski, Dan Hribar, and Tom Kussard (myself) were the riders for this trip.   Luke really stepped it up this trip and showed some of his best riding we have ever seen.  He makes it a point to safely push the boundaries every trip and you can see it in his improved riding year after year, he is also known to take a few good pics every here and there.

Here is got a pic of me climbing this small but steep hill.


Almost had to turn out of the climb, with a little body english I was able to get that sled pointed up back hill and climb out the top.


Later on we made it a point to jump off in the trees and get off the beaten path to find some untouched snow.  We found a few good hillsides to play on, here we got Adam doing a durability test on his Polaris Pro RMK.   It passed…


We kept pushing through the trees which led to Luke catching some air of this snow covered stump.


From there we found this tree infested hillside, which had trees spaced out just enough to make for some of the best tight tree riding I have had this year.  Didn’t get any pics in this area, but we rode those trees for a good hour or two.  Snow was setup just right for tree riding too, if your riding ability was able to keep up with what your sled was capable of, you could pull any line through trees you eyed up with the gobs of traction we were getting in this snow, it definitely made for some fun and interesting riding.

From there we made our way back up to 10,500ft+ terrain and ran into a few nice jumps and hills to climb.

Here I am airing it out.  I am not sponsored by Zbros in any way or form, I payed over 2,000$ for there shocks, if I was not impressed with them I would tell you.   But man they really help when it comes to jumping.  To sum it up I can go twice as big as I can on stock shocks and have the same quality landing.  Full review on the exit shocks coming later in the season once I get more miles on them.


Here we got Dan admiring the view.


Found a fun hill climb on the backside of the snowies and got some pics of the boys climbing up it.


On our way back to the truck at the end of day 1 we passed by the widow maker.   We made a few runs up it and Luke thought he could get to the top, I told him “so then do it”.

Well he did it and ended up getting into a bad spot up on top .

As you can see he got stuck right over the cornice on a slick ice slope.    He eyed up his exit options for a good 20 mins.

After re-positioning his sled by hand for a safe decent, he was able to make it down safely.  Good for him to now be able to say he climbed to the top of the Widow Maker.  For a bit there we thought the Widow Maker would claim another victim!

We made our way back to the truck at the end of Day 1 and all agreed it was one of the most fun days we’ve had on the sleds.   Hard to beat exploring new terrain in blue skies and warm temps.

Day 2 and 3 we ran into more winter storm conditions.   It cooled down quite a bit, wind picked up, and visibility decreased.

Luke kept pushing himself and successfully pulled off a few nice drops.

Things dont always go as planned though.

Here is myself lining myself up for an re-entry type manuever.


Was a fun trip with the boys, we definitely made the best out of it given the lackluster snow conditions.   Looks like not to much snow is forecasted to close out February, instead it looks like we hit our annual midwinter warm and dry period.  I will follow the snow forecast, but it looks like it maybe a good time to take a week or two off from riding and hit it hard again when that wet el nino spring season hits and dumps the snow in march and April.

Till next time