It has been forever since the last POW day so while waiting for the next one here is a review on deep POW gear. This year I bought an NEKKR at Haydays for $30 to solve the issue of snow packing under my helmet and in the chin area of the helmet. My Motorfist Rekon jacket does a great job of keeping my neck warm so that was not a problem I was looking to solve. As with most purchases at haydays I ripped opened the package that night and took at look at what $30 bucks got me. I found some velcro, bullet pin for the magnet, and the NEKKR (bright orange). Later that week I installed it on my helmet, first I eyed up what it would look like and laid out the velcro and position of the NEKKR. Then I cleaned my helmet using some brake cleaner in the area the velcro, let it dry, and installed the velcro patches.  After 2 minutes I put on my jacket and helmet with the NEKKR installed and lined up the bullet pin for the magnet. The bullet pin attaches to your jacket and then a super strong small magnet in the bottom of the NEKKR will attach to it so the NEKKR does not ride up while riding.

Super simple install and easy on and off, just make sure you eye up how you want the NEKKR to be before installing the velcro.

Picture of Velcro install:


Front view of install:


The NEKKR not only looks cool it does exactly what it should do in deep snow. I along with many other people don’t get to ride super deep pow every ride but every once and a while we hit the storm! Right away I noticed a huge difference in the fact that there was no snow build up in my chin area and under my helmet. As one point in the day, Tom had to stop riding because he could not breathe from all the snow building up under his helmet. With the NEKKR, I could ride till I got stuck or needed a rest from blasting pow. Another great benefit was reduced goggle fogging. Since there was space under my chin for my breath to go, it kept my goggles from fogging up as quick.  It made a great day better so highly recommend the NEKKR!


More information on their site: