Jordan Marrou and myself hit yet another 3ft fresh pow day in the Snowies on the last day of March.   I personally have ridden two 3ft dumps and one 4ft dump this year, all documented on this site.  A true 3ft day doesn’t come around often (if at all ) in a season.  So I sure feel like I am getting my fair share this year of deep pow riding.  No complaints!

The day was a Thursday, and we ended up getting a late start as we were to meet another rider (Andy Horne) in Laramie before heading up to the hill.   He ran into bad traffic and road conditions and we didn’t get on the snow till ~10:30 am or so.

Once we got to riding we knew it was going to an awesome day.  No more than a mile or two from the parking area and we were already cashing in with over the helmet powder.

We headed north and it just got deeper.  We hit a few protected valleys where the snow can really collect and ran into a few spots that probably had close to 4ft of fresh, dry, light powder.


Here is a short POV clip taken right off the side of the trail.  No searching for pow on this day.   Every Go-Pro clip I took got covered with snow within a few seconds of me riding.


This was somewhat a breakthrough ride for me as I went for a few “re-entry” type maneuvers and succeeded.  Up till now I’ve always had a mental block (I was afraid) when it came to re-entries.   I was to concerned about the sled falling back and landing on top of me so I never really went for them.  But now I feel likes it game on.  Looking forward to see how I progress in the next year or 2.

Jordan also got in on the fun.

And if he didnt always land them, at least he put on a good show for the camera!


Was just one of those days snow seemed to get everywhere!  No complaints here


Did a bit more boondocking before we decided to call it a day

Was one of those ~4mpg days.  We rode about 38 miles and ended up putting almost 10 gallons of gas in at the end of the day!

Spring is here, but we got another month or 2 of riding to be had!