Late April?  Sure felt like mid January up on the mountain today!  Snowies have been getting blasted recently,  2-3ft of new snow over the past 5 days or so have led to mid season like conditions.  There is a soft base with about 1ft of fresh on top of it, producing some great snow quality!

Got out today with Jordan Marrou, rode about 55 miles.


We ended up tearing up this sidehill pretty good right off hwy 130.


Just to show the base, I took a pic of a bathroom at silver lake campground.  I would say the top of the building is 8-9ft off the ground.


For those video enthusiasts who are interested, I have been not to pleased with the quality of my go-pro videos after I splice them into a video with a bunch of other clips and render them all as one file.  I have recently got a newer video editing program which I think will help this, but the video you see below is the raw go pro clip uploaded straight from the go pro to youtube with no editing as I want to see how it looks untouched.  So please excuse the unedited boring sections in the video.