Another low pressure system rolled through area this past weekend dropping what may be the last 1-2ft of fresh snow outta a storm for the year.

I rode with Jordan Marrou, we have been riding each and everyone of these spring storms that have been blowing through and it has led to alot of great spring powder days for us this year.

So today we rolled up to green rock parking area to find snow caked on everything and the lot empty.


We know where the deepest snow has fallen so we make a bee line right to it.


A few pics of Jordan ripping around through the trees.


From there we decide to head back east towards the truck because visibility was horrible due to fog.   It also started to rain lightly on us so we decided to get outta there.  On the way back we drove by the Lake Marie restrooms, I thought I would stop and take a picture to show how much snow is still up there.


We then got back into the sun and rode around some more.  Ended up finding this fun step-down drop.  You had to hit the top with a bit of speed to clear the 25ft flat spot directly under it in order to land on the downhill section.

And here is the same jump different view.


Here is short  go pro clip of some woods riding from today.

The season is finally winding down for us as I don’t see any other big storms  forecasted for the immediate future.   While there will still be plenty of snow to ride up high for another month or two yet, I am starting to get worn out after a long season.   But Maybe we will see a late may powder day yet?

A quick note on my sled this year (2016 Ski-Doo T-3 Summit), it has been  pull and go all year.  Same belt all year, and to be honest I dont think I have even taken the clutch cover off since November.  Nothing bent or broken.  The sled ripped all year with stock clutching and clickers set at 5.  Thanks Ski-Doo for helping make my a great one.