Got out riding with Jordan Marrou and Andy Horne.  With less than stellar snow conditions we decided to explore some new zones.  While Jordan had been back in this area years ago I had never been, so I was looking forward to seeing what we found.

Parked the truck, hopped on the trail for a handful of miles and before we shot up the canyon to the riding zone we played in some areas down low for a bit.



From there we started climbing up the creek bed to get into our area.   Here is Jordan at the mouth of the canyon.



Working our way up the canyon.  If you look closely you can see Jordan in the middle of the picture.



At times the route up got tight.



Andy enjoying the views on the way up.



After a few more miles of pushing up the creek we made it to the top.



We were feeling pretty small.



Layed down some nice climbs in order to crest the ridge and make it down in the next valley.



View from up top the climb.



After a great day of exploring and taking in the views we headed back to the truck and called it a day.