While others are under the excitement of March Madness we packed it up to head to one of our favorite riding areas, Togwotee, to follow a possible big storm we predicted March 9th-12th.

Day 1:

As we approached Tog the banks got higher and the blood started rushing as we knew this trip was going to be something special, we turned the truck into 4wd high and keep climbing up the pass.

Once at Tog Ryan, Dan, and myself (Luke) parked the truck and quickly shuttled everything to the cabin to gear up and head out. We also meet up with our long time friend and riding buddy Tony Ryan. Dan and I went to college with Tony and have plenty of good times with him on and off sleds.

It had been snowing at a good rate on the way up and was still going strong hours later as we crossed the road to the trailhead. The night before I planned a route for the day based on possible deep snow and warmer temperatures. This combo lead us to stay above 9000ft most of the day and in the woods. Once we got to the higher elevation it started to get a bit deeper and I busted out the camera.

Dan putting the XM to work in the deep wet snow

Me doing a re-entry

Ryan Carving his new Axys in one of the million meadows

We have not ridden with Tony Ryan in a year or two and he was near the end of his 40 days straight outwest this year. We plan on doing a separate article on Tony but his control and sled skills have increased tremendously over the past year.

The sleds started to sputter so we called it a day and headed back to the lodge.

Day 2:

With wetter snow falling most of the first day and only a few more inches overnight I knew once again the higher woods would be the best riding. We headed out to an area I have ridden several times and once again only 10 minutes from the lodge with very little to no trail riding.

Heading up the mountain to some deeper snow

Found a few drifts to hit and had some fun trying to get whip my sled around.

Dan gave us a great instructional on how not to drop off one.

The best stucks are when you’re in the tree by yourself and nobody wants to take your line to help

The rest of the day we found endless hills and meadows to have plenty of fun in. I was getting more comfortable on my 850 and still can not believe how good this sled truly is. This is by far the best overall sled I have ever owned.

By the end of the day, we were getting sore and called it a day at sunset.

Day 3:

Woke up with plenty of sunshine so I planned a route to give us some scenery. We had to get the annual photo by the lodge of the Tetons and out sled

As we headed up the mountain I knew today would be the day to get some photos


Tony Ryan put a show on for the camera, I just picked a few of the 100s we took that day

Plenty more to come later on Tony but the most improved rider by day three was Ryan on his brand new Axys. You could tell he was getting comfortable on it and if he pulled started it vs used the estart you knew he meant business.

We ended day three with me flipping my sled upside down on top of me, no injuries except for my brake reservoir and handlebars were a little sad

Once again Togwotee does not disappoint and we can’t wait to get back out there. If you have not good to Togwotee I would highly recommend it.