Every fall an email goes out to our 3-4 person sled group.  We plan our sled trips and pick weekends throughout winter that work for everybody.  As winter comes and life happens some of those weekends get cancelled and some stick.

This past weekend was one of those planned weekends.  Everything was looking good.  The crew was ready to head out, sleds were ready to roll and a big ole storm was set to push through right before the weekend.  A great weekend of riding was sure to be had.

After catching a case of Mad Pow Disease, we make a last minute decision to move the trip up one day in hopes of catching some good snow, right after the storm rolled through.   Storm was heading south but the forecast for the Snowies still looked ok…   Fast forward a day, storm went south to far south and was a complete bust for the Snowies.  A good thing about having a great riding group is a good time is had no matter what conditions are like.

Very few pics were taken this trip but alot of ground was covered.   After riding 240 miles in 3 days around the Snowies, new areas were discovered and alot of ride ideas were given to us for next time we get together and ride the range.

Here are the pics.   Till next time…