Had a few spare hours yesterday morning so was able to drive up the pass and get my first road miles on my new to me Axys RMK.  Its a 2016 163″ x 2.6″ belt driven base model Axys with just over 200 miles.  Other than upgrading the suspension with the Burandt Model Fox Floats, and beefing the sled up with bumpers and rail braces, the sled is completely stock.  I put 30 miles on the sled just cruising roads yesterday,  here are my initial thoughts.


Power on the Axys doesn’t disappoint, it feels every bit as powerful as my 2016 Doo XM with the 800 etech and then some.  I dont know if this cause of the belt drive on the Poo vs the chaincase on the Doo, or just due to the Axys engine being more powerful.  Likely a bit of both.  Either or, power is more than acceptable for me.



While the roads/trails I rode on were far from bumpy, the second thing that instantly jumped out to me was the suspension.  Holy shit did the Axys ride smooth.  In my head the Axys would ride worse on the trails then my Doo did.   My past experience trying out other brand sleds always eluded to the fact that I thought Doo’s rode the smoothest out of any brand.  On my ride yesterday the first couple of inches of travel on the Fox Floats were buttery smooth and completely eliminated the small jitters in the trail, to the point where it impressed me.   Further riding/testing is needed to really get a feel for how the sled rides, but as of now I think I have alot to look forward too.

I continued further down the road.  Where I was riding, snow was far from deep.  But I did find a few pockets where I could dip into a few carves and further feel the sled out.


While I’m not going to comment on it yet, obviously one of the things I’m most excited about with this sled is getting into the trees and getting a feel for how it handles.  I would argue if there is one thing the Axys is known for, its that their suppose to be very easy to direct and control in the trees.  While I obviously didn’t get a feel for that yesterday on my ride, I did notice a few things that eluded to the “legendary RMK front end” and that would be the lack of twitchy-ness.

When Cat/Poo riders hop on a Doo, most will comment that they think the front end feels weird and they don’t find the Doo as stable or as confidence inspiring.  I personally never had a problem with that and I loved the way my Doo handled.  So I am curious to be going the other way, from Doo to Poo, and draw my own conclusions.  Again its to early for me to say anything about it yet and I will leave it at that, but I picked out a few things in the Axys handling that got me excited and made me feel like I will be able to ride this sled with complete confidence in gnarly terrain.


Overall, I had a enjoyable first ride on the sled.  I will get more time on it over Thanksgiving in the Snowies.  Let it Snow!