Been waiting for the snow to pile up in the Snowies to get out and get my first real off-trail ride in.  With Medbow Snotel tickling 50″ earlier in the week after a 2-3 ft dump of fresh snow I decided to let her rip this past weekend.   I met up with Kevin Watkins to ride, we rode outta of Green Rock, trail rode to the west side of the range and found pretty killer snow conditions.  We dipped down into a meadow and warmed up with a few turns.



From there we spent the next few hours riding in the trees.



On average we found ~4ft on the ground, more in certain areas and a bit less in others.  Land mines are definitely still out there, I felt a few things under the snow with the sled.  Some fallen trees still need to be avoided as there is not enough snow covering them yet and your sled can get hung up.  Overall I would say conditions are average for early December.  Given how below average CO’s snowpack is right now, we will take it!

We kept riding trees…  here is Kevin pulling a little line towards me.



Weather was beautiful.  Sunny all day with 0 wind.



The views were killer.



Myself enjoying some playful terrain.



End of the day we were still carving untouched meadows.



From there we headed it home and called it a day.

Sunday i got back out again and did a little loop through the woods on logging roads.


Put a few Go-Pro clips together from this weekends ride.  Check it out!  Be sure to watch in 1080p 60fps


Overall i’m really liking the Axys so far, I’m already very comfortable on it while on a steeper sidehill.  Im still dialing in my riding technique a bit for the Axys, I find myself at times putting to much input (or not enough input) into the sled and therefore the sled doesn’t go exactly where I want it too.   That is just a seat time issue though, once I get more time on the sled I will get a better feel for it.  Overall, I think the sled will make me a better technical rider as compared to me riding my XM’s.

Im really digging the Burandt QS3 Fox Floats im running too.   While out in the woods Sunday I adjusted the 3-position compression knob often to see the affect it has on the sled.  I found that while riding roads on untouched snow, I preferred the stiffest position.  This is because I was “trail riding” the sled through the trees and when set to the stiffest setting, the shock would compress less giving less body roll and more consistent handling through the corners.  When riding on hardpack I prefer the full soft setting because the suspension feels buttery smooth and takes away the chatter like nobody’s business.    I really like the 3-position adjuster, to adjust the front shocks I dont even have to get off the sled, I just lean forward and can reach the adjuster while on the sled, very slick.  More thoughts on the sled to come later in the year once I get more miles on it.

Snowy Range Snowfall Tracker

YTD Snowfall – 156″
December Snowfall to date – 30″

November Snowfall – 60″

October Snowfall – 43″

September Snowfall – 23″


Snowy Range Snow Forecast

Warm/Dry this week and then a storm is currently forecasted to roll through the Snowies next weekend.

Here is 4 different forecast models showing the modeled precipitation through next weekend.  Snowies are obviously located just to the west of Laramie.

European Model



US Model



German Model



Canadian Model



Looking over each models output it looks like anywhere from 0.4″ to 1″ of liquid is currently modeled to fall in the Snowies, this equates to about 6-12″ of snow.  Therefore if you plan on riding Snowies next weekend, expect possible snowy/blizzard like conditions and up to a foot of new snow falling during the weekend.  We will keep an eye on this storm as the week progresses, look for weather updates on the SledSmoke FB page as this week goes by!

Till next time!