Tony Ryan and Dan Hribar came out and rode the Snowies with me after Xmas for 4 days.  Spent most the time riding and not breaking out the camera for pics, here are the pics I did take though.

Before those guys made it out I got a little afternoon ride in by myself on Dec 26th.  Snow was ridiculous, 5 miles from my cabin it was waist deep with settled powder.  It felt like it snowed 4-5ft a few days before then it settled out into 2-3ft.  Which I believe is exactly what it did.




On a flat logging road I hesitated, made a bad move, then trenched out.  It took me a good 45 mins to get unstuck.   It was deep.



I did get myself out though and then headed back down the mtn at sunset.



Avy activity was pretty bad in the Snowies, generally I see a few to no slides.  After Xmas we came across a handful.



The snow settled out a bit each day we rode, getting less and less powdery.  Didn’t break out the camera till the last day of riding.  Here are a few of the shots I got.



Here is a few go pro clips from riding.

Till next time.