The weather models were predicting 10-20″ and everything was pointing at a powder day coming Sunday, January 21st. Dan, Tony and I (Luke) jumped in my truck and headed outwest to meet up with Tom Kussard to ride the Snowys. We were excited to ride the upcoming storm with all of us getting comfortable on our G4 850s while Tom was getting confident on his Axys.

First riding day was a classic bluebird day. As we unloaded our sleds I pulled them aside and got a few pictures.

Tom was not able to ride with us on the first day but we still had a good time exploring and riding some of the not so popular places in the snowys. The first half of the day we spent a good amount laying tracks in untouched areas.  First day reminded me how the 850s rip and are a blast to ride.

The 2nd and 3rd day Tom took us into the woods and drainages. We pushed into some new areas which got pretty steep and deep. These are the types of areas you talk about on the way home usually starting with “Did you see that line…” or “whose line is that?”.

We renamed a creek to Hail Mary creek after Dan sent his helmet flying about 30 yards after getting stuck in the same creek 6 times:

It started to snow on Saturday afternoon around 3pm which got us very excited as the storm must be closing in. We got back that night and made some guesses on how much snow will be there in the morning. After a few beers we called it a night and went to bed hoping to wake up to a foot of snow. To our disappointment in the morning the snow never really came but that did not stop us from getting into the woods again getting the sleds on their sides.

Overall it was a great trip and gave us the thumb therapy we needed!